Dual Celebration…

Here is what Bert posted on his FB page just recently:

Celebrating two significant anniversaries this year! Believe it or not (both are actually kinda mind blowing to myself): 25 years living in the fantastic USA! And 20 years of KayaMBeE!!!!

Yep, Kerry Murray and I started KayaMBeE in 2003, basically on a total whim, where I had basically prove to Kerry, that it was possible to record your own original music.

Fast forward, I suppose I managed to convince him that it was actually possible 😁

Long story short, if you’re reading this, please feel free to expect a couple of surprises throughout this year, celebrating KayaMBeE’s 20th anniversaries with some new/previously unreleased music and such…

Stay tuned for more. It looks like we’re in for an exciting year of KayaMBeE music…

📸 photos by Paul Estes

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