KayaMBeE – Q&A In Depth

Initially our intention was to have this companion book available at the Q&A album release party, which just took place last week. It was almost ironically, but the print process must have taken just a tad too long for the books to arrive in time.

So, to make a long story short, we are very happy to announce the arrival of the book “KayaMBeE – Q&A In Depth“, the perfect companion for our second concept album, Q&A. We will be carrying a few copies around at our next live appearance, where we’ll offer it at cost. But the book is also available at Lulu.com, where a copy of the book can be ordered also at cost.

The book is 190 pages heavy and contains lyrics, credit details, background information for each of the songs on Q&A, photos and some funny stories as well. Get your copy, soon…

KayaMBeE – Q&A In Depth on Lulu.com

KayaMBeE Live @ Brothers Pub

The end of this month will mark the first anniversary of the release of our second concept album, Q&A, and we are looking forward to finally celebrate this event. We will put on a special show for the occasion and plan on having a great time with all of you who will join us on Saturday.
We will also have freebies, giveaways and specials on our albums and merchandize.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Brothers Pub in Sheffield on Saturday! The show will start at 8:30 PM.



Posted by Bert Erdmann on Wednesday, January 10, 2018