Kerry Lee Murray

The voice of KayaMBeE.

Sang for first band “Wavelength” at 14

Picked up the guitar at the age of 16.

Toured with “The Johnny Sphincter Band” from 18 to 21

Joined “Tuff Lukk” at 22

Went solo from 22 to 32

Joined and sang for “Maxx Savvy” at 32

Formed “KayaMBeE” at 33 due to the fact “that Bert is the only person that will tolerate my diva bullshit…”

Here is what Bert has to say about Kerry:

“Kerry is a fantastic singer – the most versatile, powerful and expressive singer I personally happen to know… Period!
Simply put, that guy can sing, that guy can sing, that guy can SING… holy smokes…

Also, Kerry’s song writing blows me away – he comes up with those great lyrics in no-time. Usually we would meet on a Sunday afternoon to do some recording. We lay down a few basic tracks, e.g. drums and guitars, then Kerry sits down for a few minutes while I’m messing around with different settings on the recording and when he comes back, he has written at least several verses and most likely a chorus, too. Not only are his lyrics expressive, but they also always rhyme, which totally kills me. Last but not least, he always tells a story, too. Now, THAT is true art to me.
Kerry is also the one who generally comes up with the vocal melodies. If you listen to our songs carefully, you’ll find those melodies to be very easy to listen to and easy to memorize, yet, they are never repetitive or boring at any given moment. That is another thing that just blows me away.
Simply put, I just love to work with Kerry and I admire his art…”