KayaMBeE’s debut…

Believe it or not, “it’s been 20 years ago today” as one of the famous Beatles tunes begins, it actually has been 20 years ago that Kerry and Bert wrote and recorded the very first KayaMBeE original, “Carpe Diem (seize the day)”!

This particular song also marked the cornerstone for KayaMBeE’s existence. When Bert discussed with Kerry the possibility of writing and recording original material, Kerry’s initial response was “yeah, sure” (while rolling his eyes thinking, yeah, whatever man…). But after recording “Carpe Diem” Kerry’s view point basically changed immediately and the rest of the “Live and Learn” album was recorded in less then seven months following the debut recording.

To celebrate this rather special anniversary, we’re making the debut song available to download for free. And to top it off, feel free to download the original demo as well as the final album version.


Download the 2013 release of “Carpe Diem” here:

And here you can download the original 2003 demo:

Check out the rest of the “Live and Learn” album on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and the majority of your favorite streaming services.





words: Kerry Murray
music & concept: Bert Erdmann

I had love for you, we were a pair
When you’d walk in I’d have to stop and stare
But things changed and we fell apart
When something ends another must start
We said ‘til death do us apart
And you made a gravestone of my heart
So let’s call a spade a spade
And put an end to this mess we made

We broke down, that’s okay,
I’m exhausted by the games we play
This union is not exempt
Familiarity has bred contempt

(Seize the day now) no shame in giving in
(Seize the day now) to quit is not a sin
(Seize the day now) I claim carpe diem

We said ‘til death do us part
And you made a gravestone of my heart
So let’s call a spade a spade
And put an end to this mess we made

We had our good times, that is true
But now I do things just to avoid you
I take this entropy, gather it up and make it work for me

(Seize the day now) no shame in giving in
(Seize the day now) to quit is not a sin
(Seize the day now) I claim carpe diem

Kerry Murray … acoustic guitar, vocals
Bert Erdmann … guitar, backing vocals, Cubase SX programming
© 2003 / 2013 KayaMBeE

Dual Celebration…

Here is what Bert posted on his FB page just recently:

Celebrating two significant anniversaries this year! Believe it or not (both are actually kinda mind blowing to myself): 25 years living in the fantastic USA! And 20 years of KayaMBeE!!!!

Yep, Kerry Murray and I started KayaMBeE in 2003, basically on a total whim, where I had basically prove to Kerry, that it was possible to record your own original music.

Fast forward, I suppose I managed to convince him that it was actually possible 😁

Long story short, if you’re reading this, please feel free to expect a couple of surprises throughout this year, celebrating KayaMBeE’s 20th anniversaries with some new/previously unreleased music and such…

Stay tuned for more. It looks like we’re in for an exciting year of KayaMBeE music…

📸 photos by Paul Estes

Someone Told Me Once…

One of our earliest recorded songs from our debut album, Live and Learn: Someone Told Me Once

Often overlooked maybe, but you should give it a listen. Kerry, as usual, wrote some pretty cool lyrics for this lil gem.

Check it out! It’s available not only on Apple Music, but on many other platforms as well.

And if you don’t subscribe to any streaming services, check out iTunes or Amazon… 😉


She Broke Me…

Check this groovy tune out, a fan favorite, if you haven’t yet!

She Broke Me from our first album, Live And Learn. Last performed live at the Hog Days 2022 show in Kewanee, IL.



words: Kerry Murray

music: Bert Erdmann, Kerry Murray

Mother said when I was young she’d keep me free from sin

But every time she’d look away I’d bite the apple again

I’d try to hide my dirty knees to steer clear of her wrath

She always saw right through the leaves and drug me to the bath

It’s funny how it really didn’t take all that long

And I believed that she must be completely wired wrong

And looking back it isn’t hard for anyone to see…

She broke me, of all my mortal sins

She broke me, and made me clean again

She broke me, of nonconformity

She broke me, but I just could not agree

I took a wife, the kind of girl that momma warned about

She took me far away from home and made me twist and shout

I thought the scales from my eyes so I could finally see

But all I really saw as just how blind a boy can be

It’s funny how it really didn’t take all that long

And I believed that my friends were completely wired wrong

And looking back it isn’t hard for anyone to see

She broke me, of all my hopes and dreams

She broke me, of happiness it seems

She broke me, of any self-respect

She broke me, well what did I expect

All alone without a cause I thought my life was through

Pieces scattered everywhere and that’s when I met you

You kept me from the epilogue at the bottom of the hill

With dozens of blank pages for the two of us to fill

It’s funny how it really didn’t take all that long

And I believed that I must be completely wired wrong

But looking back it isn’t hard for anyone to see…

She broke me, of my feelings of self-doubt

She broke me, and showed me what life’s about

She broke me, of thinking of the end

She broke me, and put me back together again

Kerry Murray … vocals, guitar

Bert Erdmann … guitar, backing vocals, Cubase SX programming


A BIG Thank-You…

Thank you so very much to everybody who came out to support the KayaMBeE / Pynk Droyds LIVE debut last night and made it the success it ended up being! We’re deeply humbled by the love you were spreading and the kind words you have passed to us after the show!

Words cannot describe how it made me feel, and I’m sure that the rest of us felt the same way. You made this debut super special and absolutely memorable.

Special thanks to everybody who came from out of state and all over the place to see us perform. it was absolutely awesome to see all of you out there cheering us on and making this event super special!!!

And also special thanks to Paul Estes for sharing his amazing photography with us!!

Oh, Wow… 😮

Crazy! It’s been already five years that the article was published in the Kewanee Star Courier, and almost five years that we performed on the main stage at Hog Days. Let’s hope that the weather conditions are going to be more favorable this year KayaMBeE / Pynk Droyds LIVE is going to take the stage again this coming Friday, than back in 2017, when it got surprisingly cold that night and most of the crowd wandered off early… 😬🤘🏼😎

Dress Rehearsal…

Dress rehearsal went rather well yesterday, with only a few minor areas to tighten up!!Which we will do in the last two rhythm section rehearsals coming up right before we’re calling it good and ready for the show. Only less than two weeks to go now…

Are you as excited as we are????

You can definitely expect the see and hear THE absolutely best KayaMBeE performed material before we hand it over to our alter ego, Pynk Droyds!

All efforts have been made to make this an impressive performance. In other words, if we’re feeling good about it, what could possibly go wrong, right? 😅

Joke aside, we hope to see as many of you on September 2nd in front of the main stage.

And (just as a quick reminder), if you’re a Floyd fan, don’t forget to wear your favorite Floyd shirt that night for an increased chance of scoring some give away we’ll be handing out that night!!!

Wear your Pink Floyd shirt at the Hog Days show

With the upcoming Hog Days show on Friday night (September 2nd), we wanted to point out a special opportunity for every Floyd fan to increase their potential to win some KayaMBeE and/or Pynk Droyds merchandise which we will be handing out randomly that night. If you like to increase that chance, wear your favorite Pink Floyd shirt to the show, and make sure it’s clearly visible (you can of course also wear your favorite KayaMBeE or Pynk Droyds T-Shirt alternatively as well!!)!

We hope to see a sea of Floyd wearing folk out that night. It’ll be fun!!!

Teaser #2

Another quick teaser, this time you don’t necessarily need to mark your calendar (since it’s on your calendar already 😆):

Hog Days 2022!!!!

Stay tuned for details…