Q & A

Musically the journey continues right where ‘Live And Learn’ left off. The “there-are-no-rules” approach is applied here as well. The combination of unexpected instrumentation and mixing of different styles makes this album a very interesting listening experience where nothing is repetitive by any means. The material draws from multiple genres like classic rock, alternative and progressive rock, blues, R&B, Hip Hop, classical, folk and some comedy as well.

While the lyrics of the songs in Live And Learn were more autobiographical pieces, Q&A contains autobiographical as well as fictional content. Nevertheless, the touch of “reality” in each song makes it easy for the listener to connect and associate with the message we’re trying to get across or the story we’re trying to tell.

Q & A was recorded over the span of several years, and the final additions of live recorded drums vs. the programmed drums on Live And Learn make Q & A a bit more dynamic in general and give it a live performance feel. We also spent quite a bit more time on crafting the exact sound we were after. We spent months of listening to different versions of the mastered material and kept tweaking the mastering tool settings and mix-downs until we all had this nice grin on our faces. That’s when we knew that we wouldn’t regret finally releasing this new material, and would be able to proudly say, “yep, that’s us…” We hope you’ll enjoy the Q&A album as much as we do!

The lyrics to Q & A can be found here