Live And Learn – Remixed/Remastered


This weekend marks the so-far biggest milestone in the history of KayaMBeE. After uncountable hours of work to resurrect the original recordings from 2003/2004, and fine tune the mixdowns etc.,
we have finally finished the album, and officially released the Remixed and Remastered version of our debut album, Live And Learn.

The Live And Learn album contains a total of 21 tracks with 10 tracks consisting of spoken dialog, which give this album a theatrical aspect, and turns the music into a rock opera like piece. The tunes vary from pop, to hip-hip with rap influences, classic rock style, full on epic rock and alternative/progressive numbers. A well balanced mix of styles combined with ultra smooth yet powerful vocals and a blend of catchy guitar riffs and solos keeps things quite interesting for the listener.

The album is available in digital format in all popular online music stores (iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby etc.), and will be available on CD very soon as well.

Check it out!

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