Obsessed With Tone…


As most of you probably know, the KayaMBeE sound is greatly influenced and shaped by Bert’s “wall of guitar sound”.
His obsession with tone as well as with perfecting his instruments and gear is no secret. Of interest to
other “gear heads” might be the fact that Bert most recently ventured into an uncharted territory (at least for us), and started building his own effect pedals.
Today we want to show off Pedal #1: “BC109 Fuzz”.
Even though it has not been finished completely (the decals are still missing), the pedal is fully functional and sound super.
As the name kinda gives it away, the “BC109 Fuzz” is a Fuzz Face clone, and this particular version utilizes BC109 transistors.
Some of you might already know what kind of sound Bert is trying to nail with this particular pedal… 😉
Come and check his “new sound” out when KayaMBeE will appear live the next time. We are sure that he will bring the BC109 Fuzz pedal along.
Stay tuned for more, as Bert is already building his second pedal…


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