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KayaMBeE’s second full featured album, was recorded between September 2004 and December 2015, mainly in Bert’s new home studio “The Attic”, in Kewanee IL.

Originally targeted to be publicly released a few years ago, the finalization of the album had been put on second row, due to live performance and rehearsal activities. The album was finally released in January of 2017.

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Candle Of Unity (Single)

KayaMBeE’s first single release, was recorded between September and October 2010 in “The Attic studio”, in Kewanee, IL.

Officially released on January 1st of 2011, and available in select online stores.

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Live And Learn

KayaMBeE’s debut album, was recorded between May 2003 and March 2004 in the Gallery studio in Kewanee, IL – Bert’s home studio at the time.

Live And Learn tells the story of “Mister Kay”, who discovers and discusses all kinds of life experiences and personal problems during his visit with “Doctor Ambee”.

Many of the lyrics are semi autobiographical and based on the experiences both had made recently before writing the material. Kerry had been divorced for a few months and Bert was just going thru his divorce. Naturally, those dramatical experiences had to reflect in the song writing…

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