Wear your Pink Floyd shirt at the Hog Days show

With the upcoming Hog Days show on Friday night (September 2nd), we wanted to point out a special opportunity for every Floyd fan to increase their potential to win some KayaMBeE and/or Pynk Droyds merchandise which we will be handing out randomly that night. If you like to increase that chance, wear your favorite Pink Floyd shirt to the show, and make sure it’s clearly visible (you can of course also wear your favorite KayaMBeE or Pynk Droyds T-Shirt alternatively as well!!)!

We hope to see a sea of Floyd wearing folk out that night. It’ll be fun!!!

Hog Days 2022! Main Stage!

This is going to be awesome!

After the unfortunate event of having to cancel the June 11 live show in Neponset, we’re totally thrilled that our fourth youngest band member is recovering quite rapidly (thanks by the way for all the thoughts and prayers! It means the world to us!!!)

We (KayaMBeE) will take the stage once again on the main stage at Hog Days in Kewanee, IL on Friday night, September 2nd, 2022!

This year we’re going to make it super special by teaming up with PYNK DROYDS!

If we’re thrilled that means you should be thrilled at least twice as much, as this is going to be epic in our minds and will take our works into a new direction, which we’re totally excited about…

Stay tuned for more details!

Hog Days 2022!!!

Next stop:


Friday night!!!

Main Stage!!!

Kewanee, IL


is teaming up with

Pynk Droyds!

If you’re living near by, THIS is one show you don’t want to miss!!!

More details to follow soon…

Change of hearts… (or minds)…

Coming across a small faux pas a few weeks ago we decided that we had to alter our alter ego name… 😂

So, please discard our post from a few weeks ago on this topic and and welcome (and embrace) KayaMBeE’s “new and revised” alter Ego 😁

Please help us welcome “Pynk Droyds”!

We hope that the new name makes just as much sense as the former…

KayaMBeE Live appearance at Neponset Picnic Day cancelled

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances (one of us has been experiencing hopefully only temporary health issues) we are saddened to inform that we were forced to cancel the upcoming KayaMBeE live appearance at Neponset Picnic Day on June 11th, 2022.

Even though we are very bummed out, especially since we’ve been rehearsing like crazy to get our brand new show polished and refined, we are very relieved to announce at the same time, that the fourth youngest member of the band has been recovering seemingly quite nicely. Now were hoping to be able to continue with our rehearsal efforts pretty soon to but the final touches on our show for the upcoming live event at Hog Days 2022 in Kewanee, IL which takes place over the Labor Day weekend.

Stay tuned for more KayaMBeE news, soon and thank you for all of your support. We couldn’t do this without all of you wonderful people…

Teaser #2

Another quick teaser, this time you don’t necessarily need to mark your calendar (since it’s on your calendar already 😆):

Hog Days 2022!!!!

Stay tuned for details…

About time…

About time… 😉

KayaMBeE is very actively preparing for several LIVE shows in the very near future!

Intensive rehearsals have been going on for quite some time now and we’re preparing to blow the roof off. An entirely new show on so many levels… stay tuned for actual details very soon!

Kerry’s office today

We had a very creative band rehearsal today. Kerry’s keyboard rig is becoming more and more sophisticated and absolutely awesome sounding. We kicked practice off with a few covers which Kerry had focused on perfecting the keyboards. He certainly delivered. Great stuff – we can’t wait to play out so that you can hear for yourself.

Here are a few shots of his office today…

Finally, we’re at it again…

So, what do you do on a “regular scheduled” band weekend, when a the whole band can’t get together due to conflicts?

Well, Kerry and Bert took the opportunity to work on some original material!

We are only shy of a couple additional takes, to finish the upcoming new, all original KayaMBeE album, and two of the songs we’re focusing on needed some attention on the vocal side of things. What we’ve worked on today is one of the many parts of the upcoming total “EPIC” song, which is called “Eden under Construction” and will be the most progressive song we’ve recorded to date.

After a wonderful and exhilarating rehearsal last night, where Kerry demonstrated the awesome features of his new purchase, we had an amazing and super funny (as usual) Saturday morning with plenty of creative juices flowing. Since we had already decided last night which parts we wanted to work on today, it all came to us like in “the old days”, back when we constantly wrote new material.

Needless to say, it’s great to report that we’re back “at it” again, creating new and original KayaMBeE material.

We’re planning on posting some samples/outtakes shortly, so stand by and watch for more to come…