Dual Celebration…

Here is what Bert posted on his FB page just recently:

Celebrating two significant anniversaries this year! Believe it or not (both are actually kinda mind blowing to myself): 25 years living in the fantastic USA! And 20 years of KayaMBeE!!!!

Yep, Kerry Murray and I started KayaMBeE in 2003, basically on a total whim, where I had basically prove to Kerry, that it was possible to record your own original music.

Fast forward, I suppose I managed to convince him that it was actually possible 😁

Long story short, if you’re reading this, please feel free to expect a couple of surprises throughout this year, celebrating KayaMBeE’s 20th anniversaries with some new/previously unreleased music and such…

Stay tuned for more. It looks like we’re in for an exciting year of KayaMBeE music…

📸 photos by Paul Estes

A BIG Thank-You…

Thank you so very much to everybody who came out to support the KayaMBeE / Pynk Droyds LIVE debut last night and made it the success it ended up being! We’re deeply humbled by the love you were spreading and the kind words you have passed to us after the show!

Words cannot describe how it made me feel, and I’m sure that the rest of us felt the same way. You made this debut super special and absolutely memorable.

Special thanks to everybody who came from out of state and all over the place to see us perform. it was absolutely awesome to see all of you out there cheering us on and making this event super special!!!

And also special thanks to Paul Estes for sharing his amazing photography with us!!

Teaser #2

Another quick teaser, this time you don’t necessarily need to mark your calendar (since it’s on your calendar already 😆):

Hog Days 2022!!!!

Stay tuned for details…

J4J Benefit coming up…

Tomorrow is going to be THE big day for the J4J (Jammin’ for Justin) Benefit! All the proceedings of the entire event are going toward the Benefit of Diabetes Research.

KayaMBeE will also have a part in this wonderful Benefit event, but due to the current Covid-19 pandemic won’t be able to participate live. Instead, (if all things go as planed and modern technology won’t let us down) our remotely performed “live in the studio” performance will be streamed as well as the entire line up of awesome bands who will perform in this J4J Benefit as well. Keep your eyes out for any posts on J4J’s official FB page with announcements of any live streams etc.

And if you can, please chip in and support this great cause of the J4J Benefit. Hope to see many of you online… 🙂