Special Shows / Tribute Shows

One of KayaMBeE’s specialties: Tributes and Tribute Shows.

Upon request, we can offer several different settings of special shows or tribute shows.
In the past we have played several tribute sets:
Pink Floyd Tribute set
The Police Tribute set
The Beatles early 60‘s Tribute set
The Beatles Progressive/Psychedelic Tribute set
Rolling Stones Tribute set
U2 Tribute set

But we have also played several Tribute Shows which consisted for example of:
Pink Floyd The Wall Anniversary Tribute
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Anniversary Tribute
Pink Floyd Shine On… Tribute

and more…

KayaMBeE Originals

It goes without saying that we are obviously playing many of our own songs at our live shows. But not every show is the same either.

In random order, here is a list of songs which we usually pick from when we create our set lists for our next show:

Someone Told Me Once [of the “Live And Learn” album]
Here And There (in the middle somewhere) [of the “Live And Learn” album]
Feel [ of the “Live And Learn” album]
She Broke Me [of the “Live And Learn” album]
Facade [of the “Live And Learn” album]
Carpe Diem [of the “Live And Learn” album]
Passion Fauxpas [of the upcoming “Q & A” album]
Chance Meeting At The Lucky Strike [of the upcoming “Q & A” album]
You Can… Can You? [of the upcoming “Q & A” album]
What I Want [of the upcoming “Q & A” album]
Push On [of the upcoming “Q & A” album]
Parts [of the future “Q & A – sequel” album]