J4J Benefit coming up…

Tomorrow is going to be THE big day for the J4J (Jammin’ for Justin) Benefit! All the proceedings of the entire event are going toward the Benefit of Diabetes Research.

KayaMBeE will also have a part in this wonderful Benefit event, but due to the current Covid-19 pandemic won’t be able to participate live. Instead, (if all things go as planed and modern technology won’t let us down) our remotely performed “live in the studio” performance will be streamed as well as the entire line up of awesome bands who will perform in this J4J Benefit as well. Keep your eyes out for any posts on J4J’s official FB page with announcements of any live streams etc.

And if you can, please chip in and support this great cause of the J4J Benefit. Hope to see many of you online… 🙂


Chapter Three!

Chapter Three – Started a little while ago but was elevated to a truly new level today.

New tricks, up our sleeves, coming up!

2020 – here we come!

From here on out things will be quite a bit different.

More details to come soon!!!!

Stay tuned, friends….

KayaMBeE live @ Brothers Pub – July 26

KayaMBeE will be appearing live on Saturday, July 26 at
the Brothers Pub in Sheffield, IL.

Currently we’re scheduled to play from 8:30 PM to midnight.

We are looking very much forward to be back at Brothers Pub, as it is one of the coolest bars and live venues around.
The motto this time would be something like
“A Rocking Mid Summer Night…”
We are looking forward to seeing many of you out there partying with us when we are performing our new high energy program.

If you haven’t yet, please check us out and Like us on Facebook, too:

Live at Cerno’s Bar – Ugly Christmas Sweater Party – Dec 14

KayaMBeE live at Cerno’s Bar – Saturday, December 14.
Once again, Cerno’s Bar will host an extra ordinary and fun event:
an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party”.

We’re scheduled to play from 9:00 PM till 1:00 AM.
We are looking forward to having a great time and hope to see ya’ll out there! Don’ t forget to wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater… 😉

You can also sign up to attend right on Facebook, where Cerno’s Bar has posted the event as well:

If you haven’t yet, please check us out and Like us on Facebook, too:

visit us also online: