Obsessed With Tone… part 4


Well, this time we are not going to talk about yet another home made guitar effect pedal, and we thought we’ll kick it up a notch.

As most of you know, Bert’s “other hobby/obsession” is his guitar collection. In Bert’s opinion,
there has been one thing we always struggled a little bit with, which is the Beatles guitar sound.
Most instrumental to the early sound of the Beatles is without any doubt the instruments they were playing. If you want to nail that early Beatles sound there is almost no other way to achieve that sound but by using similar guitars as they did back in the day.

So it is probably no surprise that Bert has been working on one of the new guitars he has acquired recently: a Rickenbacker style guitar.

Come and check the “new KayaMBeE sound” out at one of our upcoming live appearances. We are sure that the new Ricky will be among some other six string treasures…


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