Obsessed With Tone… part 2


As mentioned two weeks ago, Bert has started “a new hobby”, if you will (even though some might still call this another obsession): building guitar effect pedals. In the attempt to perfect the KayaMBeE live sound, Bert has started to build specific pedals, so he can nail the “original” guitar tones of those songs KayaMBeE is covering live.

Last week we mentioned that Bert had pretty much finished Pedal #1: the “BC109 Fuzz”.
Today we want to talk about Pedal #2: the “Ram’s Head Muff”.

This time the name gives it clearly away what kind of effect pedal this is: a Electro-Harmonix “Big Muff Pi” from the so called Ram’s Head area. Those of you who also belong to the “circle of guitar gear heads” and familiar with this particular probably know what kind of sound Bert is trying to nail with the “Ram’s Head Muff” pedal… 😉
Come and check his “new sound” out when KayaMBeE will appear live the next time. We are sure that he will bring the brand new Ram’s Head Muff pedal along.

AND, (drum roll) stay tuned for more, as Bert is already building his third pedal…


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