KayaMBeE – Q&A In Depth

Initially our intention was to have this companion book available at the Q&A album release party, which just took place last week. It was almost ironically, but the print process must have taken just a tad too long for the books to arrive in time.

So, to make a long story short, we are very happy to announce the arrival of the book “KayaMBeE – Q&A In Depth“, the perfect companion for our second concept album, Q&A. We will be carrying a few copies around at our next live appearance, where we’ll offer it at cost. But the book is also available at Lulu.com, where a copy of the book can be ordered also at cost.

The book is 190 pages heavy and contains lyrics, credit details, background information for each of the songs on Q&A, photos and some funny stories as well. Get your copy, soon…

KayaMBeE – Q&A In Depth on Lulu.com

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