Chapter Three!

Chapter Three – Started a little while ago but was elevated to a truly new level today.

New tricks, up our sleeves, coming up!

2020 – here we come!

From here on out things will be quite a bit different.

More details to come soon!!!!

Stay tuned, friends….

Say hello to “net”

Let’s welcome “Net” to the KayaMBeE family of instruments!

“Net” is a total beast and quite different from all the other instruments we’ve brought ‘along’ thus far. Based on a basic vintage ‘60s Fender Stratocaster design, with the typical appointments (with slight custom variations in neck shape and fretboard radius etc., though) it sports an incredibly different set of pickups and electronics. You ask “why? what’s so different or special about this one?”

Well, the only little hint we’re giving for now is “think Radiohead”!

Check “Net” out at the next KayaMBeE show and find out first hand why this particular guitar is a total musical wonderland…

KayaMBeE live @ Brothers Pub – July 26

KayaMBeE will be appearing live on Saturday, July 26 at
the Brothers Pub in Sheffield, IL.

Currently we’re scheduled to play from 8:30 PM to midnight.

We are looking very much forward to be back at Brothers Pub, as it is one of the coolest bars and live venues around.
The motto this time would be something like
“A Rocking Mid Summer Night…”
We are looking forward to seeing many of you out there partying with us when we are performing our new high energy program.

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For all of our fans and friends who use Blogger there is some good news:
KayaMBeE is now also present there as well.

You can find our Blogger page here:
KayaMBeE on Blogger

If you are using Google+, Pinterest and/or other social network platforms, please stay tuned, as we are continuing to expand to more social networks in the next few days and weeks.

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KayaMBeE “Package” donated for charity


A few weeks back we put a little package together and bundled it up in a nice basket, for displaying purposes obviously. The bundle consisted of our full blown debut album on CD (“Live And Learn”), two download card/stickers
(for the “Live And Learn” album and “Candle of Unity” single”) a T-Shirt and some picks, and sent it to a charity event.

The entire bundle auctioned off for 400 USD!
We are totally amazed!

And needless to say, we are pretty proud about that, too…

In case you haven’t done so, yet, maybe this ‘lil story inspires you to check out our albums…

We would certainly appreciate it!




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Obsessed With Tone… part 5


A few weeks ago, as you know from the previous “Obsessed With Tone” posts, Bert had started to build a small series of guitar effect pedals.
Today he finally put the final touches on all three of them.
All pedals are now fully functional (even though they still might require the one or the other
fine tweak), and painted and finished with decals and knobs etc.

In the picture above you can see all three of his first attempt of building boutique guitar effect pedals.
From left to right:
in the baby blue housing you’ll see the “BC109 Fuzz” pedal, a Dunlop Fuzz Face clone with BC109 transistors;
in the silvery housing in the middle you’ll see the “Ram’s Head Muff” pedal, a Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi clone from the Ram’s Head era;
and last but not least in the golden housing all the way to the right you can see the “Triangle Muff” pedal, a Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi clone from the so called Triangle era.
The entire band is very exited about the new additions to Bert’s carefully crafted pedal board and can’t wait for the next opportunity for him to show off his fantastic sound.
Come and check Bert’s “new sound” out when KayaMBeE will appear live the next time. We are sure that he will bring the new pedals along…


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Obsessed With Tone… part 4


Well, this time we are not going to talk about yet another home made guitar effect pedal, and we thought we’ll kick it up a notch.

As most of you know, Bert’s “other hobby/obsession” is his guitar collection. In Bert’s opinion,
there has been one thing we always struggled a little bit with, which is the Beatles guitar sound.
Most instrumental to the early sound of the Beatles is without any doubt the instruments they were playing. If you want to nail that early Beatles sound there is almost no other way to achieve that sound but by using similar guitars as they did back in the day.

So it is probably no surprise that Bert has been working on one of the new guitars he has acquired recently: a Rickenbacker style guitar.

Come and check the “new KayaMBeE sound” out at one of our upcoming live appearances. We are sure that the new Ricky will be among some other six string treasures…


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