Chapter Three!

Chapter Three – Started a little while ago but was elevated to a truly new level today.

New tricks, up our sleeves, coming up!

2020 – here we come!

From here on out things will be quite a bit different.

More details to come soon!!!!

Stay tuned, friends….

Say hello to “net”

Let’s welcome “Net” to the KayaMBeE family of instruments!

“Net” is a total beast and quite different from all the other instruments we’ve brought ‘along’ thus far. Based on a basic vintage ‘60s Fender Stratocaster design, with the typical appointments (with slight custom variations in neck shape and fretboard radius etc., though) it sports an incredibly different set of pickups and electronics. You ask “why? what’s so different or special about this one?”

Well, the only little hint we’re giving for now is “think Radiohead”!

Check “Net” out at the next KayaMBeE show and find out first hand why this particular guitar is a total musical wonderland…

Free Facebook-Downloads

Just in case you haven’t checked back lately, we have added quite a few more “freebies” to our Facebook exclusive download page, as a special thank you for following and supporting us. For all of you we have uploaded several previously unreleased videos and audio material, and hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve made available for you.

Your feedback is going to be very welcome as well.


The Eric Lang Benefit

Please mark your calendars, friends!
The Eric Lang Benefit for Life will take place on Saturday, December 1, 2018.
KayaMBeE is going to be part of the benefit and will provide live music after dinner.
The benefit is going to start at 5 PM.
Don’t miss this event for a very, very good cause!
More details to follow…

Please mark your calendars, friends!The Eric Lang Benefit for Life will take place on Saturday, December 1,…

Posted by KayaMBeE on Monday, November 12, 2018

KayaMBeE live @ The End Zone

KayaMBeE will return to The End Zone in Kewanee, IL on Saturday, December 8, 2018. The show will start at 9 PM.

Due to health issues our bass player, Rodney Taylor, will not be able to perform that night. However, we were lucky enough to get the amazing Kendra Bowers of Backseat Betty on board to rock out with us on the 8th. Obviously it goes without saying that our setlist will be a bit different from our “usual” material, and will include material not previously performed as well. Over the last few weeks we had a ton of fun rehearsing with Kendra and we’re looking forward to a very fun night at the End Zone.

Come on out and help us to rock the End Zone on December 8!

Get free KayaMBeE stuff!

We‘re starting the “freebie column” today!
Exclusively released to our Facebook friends and follwers! We’d like to say THANK YOU to all of you for your support over the years!
Finally, right? 😁
Anyways, we’re kicking this series of previously unreleased material off with an early demo of “Chance Meeting At The Lucky Strike”, which eventually was released on our second concept album, Q&A.
This particular early demo still includes a few “bloopers” if you will and, at least to us, is still as hilarious today as it was the day we recorded the original first tracks.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and get a kick out of it as well…

KayaMBeE live @ Hogstock 2018

Just like last year, two nights of great music, GUARANTEED,
as four of the best local bands will give their absolute best to deliver the entertainment you’ve been waiting for. It’s going to be big, and it’s going to be awesome.

Friday and Saturday of the Hog Days Festival weekend in Kewanee, IL!

Friday, August 31:
Boom Boom & The Bodega Boyz
Inside Out
Saturday, September 1:
Jokers Wild

at the End Zone sports bar in Kewanee, IL.
Shows will start at 9 PM each night.


Hogstock 2018
2 Nights 4 Bands

Finally – album no. 4 gets its start

Just a week ago we finally took the first step into starting to explore material for our fourth album. Way overdue, if you ask me – this used to be something we would do on a regular basis. But due to mostly job related reasons have not gotten to do too much of this sort of thing. Needless to say we’re quite stoked to finally get into the mood to produce some original music once again.
It was an amazing session of picking out the first pieces to work on next out of a bucket full of ideas and material to choose from.
On top of that, I think we’ve already figured a theme for the concept, since we like to work on concept albums the best… 😉
Stay tuned in, there is more (much more) coming this way in the very near future, especially since we’re working on finishing album no. 3 right now…